The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) is the EU’s funding programme for the period 2014-2020 promoting the efficient management of migration flows to the EU as well as strengthening and developing a common approach to asylum and immigration among its Member States.
A call for proposals regarding transnational actions on asylum, migration and integration is currently open under the AMIF programme. This call addresses six different topics which cover various aspects of integration, including developing local integration strategies, supporting victims of human trafficking, the design and implementation of integration policies, promoting access to basic services and supporting migrant children.
All projects submitted under this call must be transnational, meaning they must involve participating organisations from different Member States.
Public bodies and non-profit-making private entities can apply for all topics both as lead applicants or co-applicants whereas profit-making and international organisations are only eligible to apply as lead applicants or co-applicants for some of the topics.
There are varying criteria for the minimum number of participating organisations per topic. Moreover, the minimum and maximum requested EU contribution also varies per topic.
The deadline for this call is February 16, 2021.