The European Commission has put forward proposals to ensure social fairness in two particular areas: free movement of workers from one European country to another, and; effective access to social protection for workers in new forms of work and for self-employed people. 

The European Commission is proposing to do this through the creation of a European Labour Authority (ELA) that shall help inform citizens and businesses on employment and training opportunities whilst supporting the cooperation and coordination between national authorities. 

The European Commission is also aiming to close the legal gaps of social security systems of those people who perform non-standard forms of work – currently standing at 40% of the total employed population – as well as cover effectively those entitled by national law, and facilitate transfer of social security entitlements.  

These two proposals are in line with the European Pillar of Social Rights and form part of the Social Fairness package. 

In order to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights, a specific Social Scoreboard will also be used to track trends and performances across EU Member States on equal opportunities and access to the labour market; fair working conditions; and social protection and inclusion.  

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