The results of the Eurobarometer 89.2 entitled ‘Democracy on the Move, European Elections: One Year to Go’, has reconfirmed citizens’ continuous support for the EU. 

The survey also found that 67% of Europeans are convinced that their country benefits from being a member of the EU – the highest score ever measured since 1983. Some 48% said they believe their voice counts in the EU.  

Almost a third of respondents (32%) said that they know the date of the European elections in 2019, while 50% said that they were interested in the elections. 

The majority of respondents in Malta (61%) said that they are totally interested in European affairs, which is some seven points more than the EU average. The country that scored best is the Netherlands. Again, 61% of Maltese respondents said they are totally interested in the next elections while 66% consider it highly important to vote in the 2019 elections. 

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