In an effort to further promote the work that is carried out by the EU in the field of security, the EU launched a campaign titled EU Protects.  The main aim of this campaign is to shed light on the work done in the areas of safety, health environment and society.   


The “EU Protects” campaign tells the real-life stories of people who work for, or are supported by the EU, and whose job is to keep European citizens safe in their daily life. Their action help protect citizens against a wide range of today’s biggest global challenges.  


The campaign highlights both the benefits of European collaboration and also promotes a greater sense of European solidarity. By using real, personal stories, the “EU Protects” campaign brings the EU closer to the citizen by showcasing tangible work that makes us all safe. 


Additionally, to promote the work that is carried out locally with EU funds, Europe Direct Information Centre Valletta managed by MEUSACpublished a specific information pamphlet that promotes four recent projects in this field, with the aim to further help Maltese citizens to be aware of the work carried out locally with EU funds.  


For more information about these projects see the brochure here