Though the state of the roads on the sister island leaves much to be desired, seeking compensation does not seem to be an option as only a handful of claims have been lodged with the Gozo Ministry.

Information tabled recently in parliament shows that in 2022, just three claims were filed of which only 2 were accepted, for a combined value of €1,527.37. Both of these complaints were lodged by motorists who damaged their car while driving in Rabat, while a similar complaint this time over the state of a road in Għajnsielem was rejected.

Last year, just five claims were made of which three have been upheld and two were still under undecided. This time around the complaints were filed over damages incurred in Rabat, Munxar and Għajnsielem for a combined sum of €1,311.14.

No further details were divulged by Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri in his reply to Opposition MP Chris Said.

Compensation claims are usually handled by State agency Infrastructure Malta in case of arterial roads or by local councils in case of roads falling within their remit. In this respect, no explanation was forthcoming why compensation in Gozo was awarded by the ministry rather than the local council or IM.

According to information tabled in parliament in May last year, from the start of 2021 up till that particular month, the local council which received  the highest number of complaints was Siġġiewi with 42 claims followed by Naxxar (35), Mosta and St Paul’s Bay (27 each).

Once again very few complaints were filed din Gozo with the only exceptions being  Xagħra (6), Xewkija (5), Qala (2),  Rabat, Għajnsielem, Ta’ Kerċem and Munxar (1 each).

Compensation claims in arterial or distributor roads can be submitted through this link.  In such case applicant needs to provide photos of the damages cause, location details and provide receipts as proof of the repairs.