Employment and Social Policy ministers of the EU Member States met in February to discuss the importance of investing in skills, supporting career transitions, and strengthening social dialogue. These are essential for the European workforce to well adapt for the challenges and opportunities of the green and digital transitions. 

Ministers agreed on the importance of investing in new and renewed skills through training to anticipate future labour market needs, supporting career transitions for workers, and strengthening worker protection through social dialogue.

Ministers also agreed on the need for further coordination to support career transitions by providing security for workers pursuing training or undergoing transitions in their occupation.

Strengthened cooperation between Member States and the social partners at national and EU level in implementing the European Skills Agenda (2020) and the European Pillar of Social Rights will enable the labour market to adapt more effectively to the green and digital transitions.

The European Social Fund+ and other initiatives support these transitions through investments in various training programmes to support workers by financing training, re-qualification, and economic diversification.