The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and the green and digital transitions require people to upskill or reskill, to maintain and acquire the competences that enable them to participate fully in society, ensure their personal, social and professional empowerment in a fast-changing society and labour market.

This need for more flexible, learner-centred education and training is being addressed by short learning courses and experiences that are developing rapidly across Europe by a wide variety of public and private stakeholders. The potential role of and the interest in credentials that certify the outcomes of these short learning experiences is thus increasing.

To address this need, the European Commission has launched a public consultation on an initiative to recognise short, targeted learning courses, so-called ‘micro-credentials’.

The online consultation is open until July 13 and aims to collect ideas for the recognition of short, targeted learning courses – micro-credentials – and for the development of EU standards ensuring their quality and transparency.

This initiative will thus substantially improve learning opportunities, making lifelong learning a reality across the European Union and making it easier for workers to find jobs.

More information: A European approach to micro-credentials