This is one of the videos we produced with the Central Bank of Malta in our budgeting series.

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Let me introduce the ĠEMMA family.  I am Tony.  I am Maria’s husband.  I work as a manager in a large business in the services industry.  My wife, Maria is 40 years old and works in her father’s family business.  We have two kids:  Matthias, our son who is 11 years old, and is now in secondary school, and Angele, our daughter who is 17 years old and is finishing upper secondary school this scholastic year.

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My niece, Kylie is getting married in five months or so.  All I have been hearing from Maria and Angele is my niece’s wedding preparations.

They will be inviting 800 persons to the wedding:  they simply want everybody there and Uncle Mike wants all his business associates there.  They are going to hold the wedding in a private palace in Mdina.

Maria told me that Kylie and her husband decided to go to Thailand, India and Australia for their honeymoon where they will be spending two months. Only the other day Maria was telling me that she wants to have three bands at the wedding – that latest popular band for her and her age group, a popular 70s musician, for all of us, and that popular duet on the violin and the piano.  The idea is to make sure there is music for all tastes.

Nevertheless, I cannot help saying to myself that this wedding is going to cost so much. – how are they going to afford it?  How long is it going to take them to pay off all of those bills?  Surely do you need to go to the other side of the world to have a lovely honeymoon? And truly, that gown and all those bride girls and boys!

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