The European Parliament flash Eurobarometer, which focused on public opinion, and the 2019 MEP elections Lead Candidate Process, also known as Spitzenkandidaten, and European Parliament Media Recall, found that 68% of respondents in Malta feel Malta’s membership is a good thing. The feel-good factor for EU membership was also felt among all other Member States, with an absolute majority stating that membership for their country is a good thing.  

However, only 49% of respondents in Hungary said membership is a good thing for their country while the rest of Hungarian respondents said it’s neither good nor bad or did not have an opinion on the matter. 

In a separate question, 45% of European respondents replied that the EU generally conjured up a “total positive” image, the results of respondents in Malta being at par with the EU average. 

On the candidate lead process, more than half of Europeans stated that the lead candidate process will make them more likely to vote in the European elections which shows that there is a rising support for the lead candidate process and that it only makes sense if it is accompanied by a real debate about European issues and the future of the EU. 

When asked whether respondents heard about the European Parliament’s activities through the media, 43% of respondents in Malta said they did.  

The survey was conducted between November 26 and December 3, 2018, with 26,071 respondents aged 15 or over taking part across the EU27. 

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