In these economically volatile times, everyone is asking for help in one way or another. There are as many reasons to give as there are ways to give. 

Some people give so that they can be acknowledged. Others give but expect to be paid or to be thanked – they give to receive. Some people opt for a practical experience, giving generously of their time.  Others give anonymously without expecting any acknowledgement. 

Persons who truly seek to perfect the art of giving, give out of the goodness of their heart without any motive of gain. Giving becomes a gift to the giver and the receiver. 

It is in our nature to think, “I will give when I have more”. With this mentality, you will never have more than enough so you can afford to give. 

Being generous is a choice which is good and brings joy. The following are gifts we all have which we can give to help others: 

Share your talents – Spare an hour of your time to help someone.  Are you able to look after children or the elderly? Do you have DIY skills? 

Give blood – Save a life. People who give blood feel happy and proud of themselves because they have helped others. 

Give of yourself –  Make someone feel loved, feel special or appreciated by a visit, a phonecall, an email, an SMS or a card. Give something you made personally yourself. Praise someone, thank them or appreciate their actions. 

Raise someone’s morale – When you come across a good quote or good news, share and pass it on to others. In this way you can help raise others’ morale. Nowadays, handwritten notes and cards are rare gifts. 

Give the gift of smiling and laughing – Laughter brings health and joy to others. It offers physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits. Laugh and laugh often with everyone. 

Extend an invitation –  Being invited to any type of event means that people want you around. When you invite someone into your life you are saying, “I want to spend some time with you, you are important to me.” 

Give good advice – Ask the question, “Do you want advice or do you simply need me to listen? If you need someone, a piece of advice can save you. The sharing of ideas and knowledge is a precious gift. 

Give someone courage – When people are full of doubt and fear, they are lacking courage. When you inspire and motivate someone to follow their dreams, you can change that person’s life. You will be making the world a better place. 

Forgive – Forgiveness brings healing for your colleagues at your place of work. Forgive yourself and others in spite of memories of bad times. Forget what has been done to you and what you have done and the meaning you attached to such disagreements. 

Do a good deed – Good deeds are the easiest and most abundant gifts we can give. Good deeds bring contentment to whoever does them, whoever receives them and those who witness them.