The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many enterprises to increase or even shift towards digital technologies to maintain their activities.

Eurostat has recently published statistics which showed how the EU has adopted to this digital transformation, necessary for improving the economic resilience of businesses.

Data shows that in 2020, 33% of EU enterprises increased the share of employees with remote access to the company’s e-mail system and the same percentage increase in the proportion of staff with remote access to other ICT systems. Notably, Malta registered the highest shares of enterprises that increased the percentage of staff having remote access to the enterprise’s e-mail system with a 55% increase, and ICT systems other than e-mail with a 58% increase.

Moreover, in terms of remote meetings held online, half of EU enterprises reported having increased their number in 2020. In the case of Malta, 76% of enterprises have increased the number of meetings online, reflecting the second highest increase in the EU.

Europe’s digital transition goes hand in hand with the European Green Deal. Sustaining this shift will bring a positive impact on reducing traffic congestion, reducing air pollution, and reducing the need for offices, ultimately contributing to greener, and more sustainable cities.