It is often said that money is the root of all evil. While he was considering the nature of true contentment in a person’s life, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle eliminated the concept of money. He did this as he recognised that money is simply a tool for living. That is, money is essential only to obtain the things you need. 

If one were to dig deep into the concept of greed, one would come across not only the material things that can be acquired through money, but also the security and independence that wealth brings.  Wealth is not intrinsically wrong. It helps us meet our basic needs and enjoy some luxuries that make life better. In many ways, greed is the love or excessive desire for money and other objects. Greed means being obsessed with money and material things, not simply having them as a concern.  An avaricious person is one who is focused on their money and possessions, or who wants more money and more things in a way which is excessive. Greed has a very negative impact on a person’s emotional life.  The anxiety and turmoil that we feel when we want something and the false expectation that when we get it, we will be satisfied and happy, plunges us into a vicious cycle.  

While greed is an intrinsic human condition, it is expressed in a number of choices that an avaricious person will make in life. Take, for instance, land speculators, some property developers or landlords. Money has blinded them and they are always on the lookout for ways to make money and add to their wealth. Who is suffering because of their greed and their arrogance? The public, individuals and families who have become vulnerable and cannot make ends meet. Others, who have been plunged into poverty. In fact, greed is intertwined with justice. A person who is avaricious and is excessive when it comes to acquiring and holding on to material things may be cheating others out of their basic needs. 

Finally, there are things we can do to fight greed in our lives. If you are the kind of person who is obsessed with money, take a step back and assess your spending and categorise your expenditures. Maybe you will find yourself enlightened and are able to distance yourself from the need to consume. Mister speculator without mercy and businessman who is obsessed with money. Stop and think about the people whose quality of life you are devastating with your actions. It may be difficult, but if you let your conscience back into your life, you will be making not only others happy but also yourself.