Social Dialogue is central to decision-making, ensuring that the opinions and experiences of citizens contribute directly to the enactment of laws across the EU and within its Member States. Through social dialogue, citizens can directly involve themselves in the proposal of legal acts, the positions taken by Member States, as well as how such laws are implemented at a local level. 

In Malta, MEUSAC is the agency responsible for social dialogue on all matters relating to EU legislation. To ensure that the opinions of citizens and businesses are heard, MEUSAC manages a structured consultation process, bringing together stakeholders and government entities to discuss proposals made by the European Commission, the position of Malta on such proposals within the Council of the EU, as well as the transposition of directives into local legislation. 

Additionally, MEUSAC has also launched a Policy Tracker. Its aim is to keep the public abreast of how various policy proposals are developing, while giving stakeholders the facility to provide online feedback. 

For more information on the consultation process and on how you can get more involved, contact MEUSAC on or on 2200 3300.