The Manufacturing and Commerce Section of the UĦM Voice of the Workers has launched a new outreach project to bring it closer to its members.  

Using the mobile office of the UĦM Voice of the Workersunion officials are visiting places of work and meeting with union members  

A number of visits were held at Wasteserv in the last few weeks, during which the union not only met with the workers but also distributed copies of the new collective agreement to its members. This was done to ensure that the members were aware of how their conditions of work are set to improve in the coming years. 

More visits are scheduled in the coming weeks and this outreach initiative will also be promoted in establishments and industrial sectors with the aim of reaching workers at their place of work. 

An appeal is also going out to workers in the private sector to contact the Union and schedule an appointment for the mobile office to visit their workplace so that they can start to benefit from the services offered by the UĦM. 

Ramon Francalanza, Employment Relations Manager of the Manufacturing and Commerce Section of the UĦM Voice of the Workers  can be reached on 25905000 or by email on