In 2019, MEUSAC organised 34 public events and consultation sessions and 39 activities for children and students to widen the knowledge on the European Union and to involve civil society in the European Union’s decision-making process. In addition, NGOs, local councils and government entities were assisted in the process of applying for EU funds by holding 5 capacity-building sessions and 300 personalised meetings, leading to the submission of 95 applications for different EU-funded projects.

The annual report of the Agency for 2019 was tabled in Parliament by the Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela. Minister Abela noted that MEUSAC’s work is both positive and effective for those who benefit from its services, with NGOs and social partners in particular.

The annual report gives a snapshot of MEUSAC’s operations to connect citizens to the EU, ranging from information and events, consulting stakeholders on proposed EU policy and legislation and assisting NGOs, local councils and government entities to benefit from EU funds. The report also delves in the work of Europe Direct Information Centre, hosted by MEUSAC and co-financed by the European Commission to provide information on all things EU, be it rights and obligations of citizens or educational-related.

The Annual Report 2019 is found here.