Play the ĠEMMA Money Monster Game with your kids aged 6 to 11 years. It is directed to teach your kids the important fundamentals of money management in a fun way

The ĠEMMA Money Monster Game was created by a team of three final year university students. ĠEMMA partnered with the Department of Artificial Intelligence to introduce financial education games. ĠEMMA was also assisted by the Directorate for Learning Assistance and Programmes within the Education Division.

The objective of the game is to teach your kids certain money management concepts such as prioritising needs and wants, earning an income, budgeting and so on. The ĠEMMA money monster game revolves around a Monster called Nugget who is taken across a life journey experience from the age of 18 until retirement age of 65. Throughout Nugget’s life journey, many money decisions will need to be taken which will affect how your kid progresses through the game. Each action taken has an impact on Nugget’s life which gives children the opportunity to learn from their decisions which result in different outcomes. Money Monsters is a fun way of teaching your kid money management.

To play the game:

Download the Android App                                                 Click here

Play the Web version of the Game                                     Click here

To download the Money Monster Game Manual           Click here

Play the ĠEMMA Money Monster Game with your kid and explain to him/her the outcomes of his/her money decisions. Click here to download lesson plans on various facets of the game so that you educate your kid on financial capability in a flexible and fun manner.

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