The fundamental values on which the European Union is based, guarantee a European Way of Life built on the values of solidarity, equality and justice. The European Union works to fight racism, discrimination, violence and terrorism to guarantee a European society where human rights and values, including those of minority groups, prevail. Beyond protection, the promotion of a European way of life ensures stronger, more cohesive and more resilient societies.   

These will be the topics for the second public discussion organised by SEM as part of the national events to contribute to the ongoing Europe-wide initiative, the Conference on the Future of Europe.

The public discussion will be held on September 30 between 5pm and 6.30pm, and participation will be online. More information and registration here. Proceedings will be in Maltese.

The main objective of such discussions is to involve a wide range of stakeholders and the public in expressing their ideas about the direction they would like the European Union to take in the coming years.

To give your views on any topic of your choice, please visit the Multilingual Digital Platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe.