Even in the darkest moments, there’s always a bright side. The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed improved the way networking is faring in Malta. Despite a few technical problems, teleworking has increased in Malta and this when it was a difficult venture a few months ago.

Several Maltese workers are still working at home, engaged in video conferences and using digital platforms to perform their work duties.

Something that was inconceivable up to a few weeks ago became the new norm. But this is not the full picture because there are a number of workplaces that depend on conventional practices. However, more and more employers and their employees are learning to appreciate the benefits of working at home.

Sectors that were not particularly known for their high levels in digitalisation, had the opportunity to update themeselves and achieved good results with the help of more digital technology.

Also, digital technology has a great potential, especially in difficult times that we are living today. We are referring to technologies that are helping our society to come to grips with this crisis, whereby it is purchasing via internet, is using services provided by e-government as well as undertaking educational lessons at home.

But digitalisation is not reaching everyone. There are big companies that are making huge strides ahead whereas a number of small and medium enterprises are struggling or lagging behind. Several companies make use of paper for a considerable portion of their administrative work, so much so that they are still using postal services. However, COVID-19 has brought change to various companies.

But the usage of digital tools to improve work is not enough. Work processes need to be strengthened amongst everyone so that digitalisation is exploited fully.

We hope that advances in digitalisation, that cropped up due to Coronavirus, will not be shoved aside as soon as the pandemic is subdued. Technological developments that were made must be kept up and running so that our country moves forward in the digital sector.