Young people are the future of Europe and the European Union (EU). While EU youth-oriented policies such as the Youth Strategy provide a strong framework for cooperation, it is ultimately the responsibility of the Member States to devise, set up and implement their own youth policies. 

In order to facilitate the sharing of information and best practices in such matters, the EU created the Youth Wiki website. The Youth Wiki can be described as Europe’s online encyclopaedia in the area of national youth policies. The platform is a comprehensive database of national structures, policies and actions supporting young people. It covers the eight main fields of action identified in the 2010-2018 EU Youth Strategy: education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health and well-being, participation, voluntary activities, social inclusion, youth and the world, and creativity and culture. 

The content of the Youth Wiki is shaped by the policy priorities established by the European Commission and the Member States in the framework of the European cooperation in the field of youth. 

In particular, it is developed in view of supporting major European-level commitments and policy developments for the fields of action identified in the EU Youth Strategy.