Employment continues to be one of the main issues at the top of the European Union’s agenda. EU funding programmes reflect EU policy and legislation targets and therefore it is not surprising that the EU has a number of funding programmes promoting apprenticeships, acquisition of skills and closing skill gaps within the EU Single Market.

The EU’s Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) funding programme seeks to promote quality employment opportunities, so as to guarantee adequate social protection, improve working conditions as well as combat social exclusion and poverty. Due to these aims, social partners, employers’ and workers’ organisations are the most common eligible applicants under this funding programme.

To receive funding through this programme, eligible applicants must respond to a call for proposals. One of the open EaSI calls is the ‘Call for Proposals on Social Innovation and National Reforms – Long-term care’. Projects under this call should aim to reach at least two of three objectives: develop and text innovative approaches to long-term care (LTC) provision; develop sustainable multi-level partnership models and/or use social innovation in LTC policy planning and monitoring.

Open calls for proposals for EaSI and other EU funding programmes can be found on the MEUSAC website. For further information about this funding programme kindly contact us on funding.meusac@gov.mt or 2200 3300