The European Commission recently launched the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, a project aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and improving the skills of young people through a variety of digital learning tools.  

The objective of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange is to connect young people, youth workers, students and academics from Member States and the EU’s Southern neighbourhood through: 

  • Moderated discussions  
  • Transnational project groups 
  • Open online courses 
  • Advocacy training. 

Young people from different countries will be able to connect once a week to discuss various topics such as economic developments or climate change facilitated by a moderator and on the basis of preparatory material distributed beforehand. Such contact and exchange with peers from abroad is a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills whilst also enhancing tolerance and mutual acceptance.  

This Virtual Exchange promotes intercultural dialogue between young people and is in line with the Paris Declaration, which aims to promote citizenship and the common values of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination through education. 

The online version of Erasmus+ will complement the traditional physical mobility programme and could in the future be extended to other regions of the world.