Hundreds of youths are graduating from University after years of study, hard work and sacrifice to find themselves on the job market. These young workers are now entering a new phase in their lives where they need to contribute to society and be productive. 

The new graduates may, at one time or another, be faced with situations where they need to make decisions based on their conscience and integrity. More than ever, in this country, we need honest people with integrity who can distinguish right from wrong. 

It is no wonder that Auxiliary Bishop Joe Galea Curmi, in his homily during the mass for new graduates, spoke about the values of integrity and respect and the need to work for a better society. 

The alleged corruption cases that were brought to light by the media in the last few months and days can lead one to choose to go with the current. People today need to be more just in their actions even when those around them have a different outlook. 

The University can be instrumental in the fight against corruption.  One way it can fight corruption is internally, by ensuring that teaching resources are acquired through the right competitive channels, by opposing nepotism in the pay rises given to lecturers and by preventing fraudulent academic results for personal gain. 

The social function of the University is to teach and equip students with the tools and experiences they will need to become successful professionals and honest citizens. This requires that the tertiary institution be committed to the teaching of professional ethics in all its faculties. Ethics in education helps lessen egoistic behaviour among students and counterbalance their inclination to cheat. 

Therefore, Voice of the Workers hopes that the new graduates will use their talents wisely and will not fall into the trap of trying to make money fast even if it means that they have to resort to illegal practices that will corrupt them. On the contrary, they should be the catalysts of change for the better so that we can have more credible institutions.