You want to know more about why budgeting is important?

See our ‘X’Inhu Baġit’ video by clicking here.

ĠEMMA and the Central Bank of Malta entered into a strategic partnership in 2020 to develop a series of education videos on budgeting.  You can find all of these videos on the ĠEMMA Videos page –  The videos are in Maltese.

Download the ĠEMMA Budget App by clicking here.

Download the manual of the App. By clicking here.

The videos are fronted by Vanessa Macdonald who is a Maltese journalist and former editor of a popular business weekly and various internet portals.  Today Vanessa is the Communications Coordinator of the Central Bank of Malta.

We will over the coming weeks and months post this video series on our Portal. The first video we launched together is ‘X’inhu Baġit?’  You can look at this video by clicking the link.  In this video Vanessa discusses the following points that you should be aware including:

  • You need to budget.
  • The difference between needs and wants.
  • Why you should prioritise.
  • Why you should set financial goals.
  • How to manage your budget.
  • Introduced My ĠEMMA Budget Planner.

Let us know your thoughts.  We look forward to hearing from you.  And we at ĠEMMA encourage you to share this link or the video with your friends or publicly on Facebook.

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