Download by clicking here the ĠEMMA Guidebook explaining in a simplified manner how the pension system works in your regard if you are born in and after 1962.

On 18th June ĠEMMA posted the results of a survey it carried out about the knowledge amongst persons who are born in 1962 or after, on how the pension system works in their regard.  The general picture is worrying. Most people have an extremely vague idea of how the State pension system works and how it directly affects them. This means that there is a high number of individuals who are planning their retirement based on limited, if not the wrong, information.

How do you rate your knowledge of how the State pension works and how it affects you?

  • Extremely Confident
  • Confident enough
  • Completely lost

To help you understand better how the pension system works in your regard ĠEMMA has prepared this guidebook.  This guidebook explains the key elements of the State pension system and how these affect you – in a simple manner.  Before going through the guidebook and the other resources, we suggest that you carry out the questionnaire in appendix A. This allows you to rate your level of knowledge of the state pension.  Once completed, put your answers aside. Next, we suggest that you go through the guidebook and the other resources. Once you do so, we recommend carrying out the questionnaire a second time. By doing so, you will be able to compare the ‘pre-’ and ‘post-’ questionnaire answers to the correct answers which you will find in annex B to the guidebook. Try not to look at the answers before completing the questionnaire.

We appreciate your suggestions on how we can improve the dissemination of such knowledge and information – both with regard to how we convey them and the language we use. We look forward to hearing from you at

You can also follow these additional resources in support of this guidebook:

  • Content on various matters relating to the state pension system – click here.
  • Videos on how the state pension system works and how it may affect you – click here.

If you would like to learn more about state pensions, money management and financial capability, we invite you to visit our FAQs page.

We also suggest going on our tools page.

Here you will find a gateway to useful tools developed by the Department of Social Security, one of which is the e-service through which you can inquire after a tentative assessment of your State pension income upon retirement.

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