A new funding call, targeting trade unions and employer organisations, has just been launched by the European Commission under the Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EaSi) programme aimed at supporting social dialogue. 

EaSi helps the European Union and its Member States to improve policies on three thematic areas: employment, social protection, social inclusion, the reduction and the prevention of poverty, and working conditions. 

The EU grant requested should indicatively be between €150,000 and €650,000. 

Under this call for proposals, the EU grant may not exceed 90% of the total eligible costs of the action. 

To be eligible, a project must include a lead applicant and at least one co-applicant. The lead applicant must be a social partner organisation at European, national or regional level. Co-applicants may be social partners, non-profit making organisations, universities and research institutes, public authorities or international organisations. If a social partner organisation representing workers is the lead applicant, the mandatory co-applicant must be a social partner organisation representing employers. 

Should you wish to receive assistance in the EU funding application process, one can set up an appointment with the EU funding team at MEUSAC on funding.meusac@gov.mt or by calling on 2200 3300.  

The deadline to apply for this call is September 25, 2018.