The Council of the EU is expected to formally adopt a proposed Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions this month. The proposal aims at establishing new rights for workers, addressing insufficient protection from precarious employment, limiting burdens on employers, whilst ensuring that the labour market remains adaptable.  

The proposal states that all workers in the EU should have the right to have complete information on the essential aspects of their employment by the first day of their new job. The proposal also looks to limit the length of probationary periods, and ensure that workers do not have to pay for mandatory training required to perform their work duties.  

The above points are ultimately aimed at addressing those aspects which typically result in precarious work situations, and are aimed at covering all workers in all forms of work, under various conditions.  

Once the proposal has been formally adopted by the Council of the EU, Member States will be tasked with the transposition of the new Directive into their national legislation. This normally takes up to two years to be finalised.