Have you ever thought about simplifying your lives? “Simple” does not mean easy. Some of the simplest things are sometimes the hardest things to do. 

While researching this article, I made a list of ten points which, in my opinion, can help make our lives simpler. 

Point One – Do not wait too long: Not everything turns out exactly as you want it to. There is always something missing. The minute you let your emotions take over, you start to create bigger expectations. Then you lose out. Expect the worst, the best and, at the same time, expect nothing. 

Point Two – Do not criticise: In The Great Gatsby we find the following quote: “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all of the people in the world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” A quotation that makes sense. It is easy to criticise, but it is much more difficult to realise that the reason why you are criticising is probably because you are scared, you are jealous or you are frustrated. 

Point Three – Be present: If you’re playing a sport and you feel pain – feel the pain. Do not ignore it. Do not cover it with music. Live the moment. Be aware of everything that you are doing, that you are feeling and what you are telling yourself. 

Point Four – Be kind: If no one likes you, you are probably not going to get on in life. Empathise with others and be kind with those who are kind to you. 

Point Five – Set limits: There are many things we like doing, but when we exaggerate they can do us harm. Because we like doing them, we tend to exaggerate. Moderation is needed. 

Point Six – Tell yourself a different story: A quote I came across goes like this: “If you do not like what is being said, change the conversation”. This applies to both what you say to others and what you say to yourself. 

Point Seven – Read: Reading is a way of simplifying your life. It is the best hobby; a time to relax and meditate. 

Point Eight Ask why: Ask yourself why you do things that you do often. If you find it hard to come up with a valid reason, chances are that you do not need to do them. Be clear on why you do certain things on a regular basis, and if there is a genuine reason why, ask yourself how you can do them better than you are doing them today. Sometimes, the best questions are not those we ask others, but those we ask ourselves. 

Point Nine – Ideas to help you be more productive: 

  • Do not watch a lot of television 
  • Identify the things that are hindering you in life 
  • Ask yourself why you log onto Facebook or other social media sites 
  • Focus on things that help you grow as a person 
  • Spend time on your hobby every day, whatever it is 
  • If you attend meetings, keep them short and simple. 

Point Ten – Take care of yourself: Stop focusing on and worrying about how others are living their lives. Life will be better when you learn to block the noise outside and focus on what is going on in your own mind. 

Life is so simple. Let us leave it that way and not complicate matters.