One of the crucial elements of a healthy society is respect. Respect starts with adults and is passed on to adolescents and then children. I do not know if you agree with me but I feel that some adolescents and youths today lack respect. This is worrisome as they may hold important positions in the future. 

Parents and educators share the goal of teaching them respect. Children take what their parents and the people around them do on board and behave as they are taught. If we do not show them how they should behave we cannot have high expectations with regard to their behaviour. There are a number of negative consequences of not teaching the importance of respect to our children. 

To create a better future for them, children and adolescents should be made aware of the fact that respect and equality can help them have a more promising future. If they do not respect themselves, they cannot get on with others and they will not have the same opportunities. Can you imagine a classroom full of students who vie against one another? It is the same in society. People who lack respect for one another cannot form a nation. 

Parents are important in this process. Parents should not stop at simply telling their children that they should respect others. This is not an efficient way to teach them the meaning of respect. For instance, when children need to make a decision, the parents should listen to them even if the decision is unimportant. If our children feel that they are being given attention and shown respect when they want to tell us something, they will adopt this attitude in their life. 

Education is also related to respect. When I am walking in the street, I sometimes see drivers who do not respect the rights of those who are walking. This may be a silly example, but when you see people who do not show respect when in traffic, how can you expect that their children will respect others? As one can see, teaching respect starts with small things in society where everyone can do their bit. If you show respect, your children will do the same. 

Respect is a key principle that maintains society. Who you are and where you live does not matter. Respect should be shown always and everywhere – especially in these egoistic times.