This is one of the videos we produced with the Central Bank of Malta in our budgeting series.

Download the Central Bank of Malta and ĠEMMA Video on ‘Managing Your Electricity and Water Bills’ by clicking here.

Let me introduce the ĠEMMA family.  I am Tony.  I am Maria’s husband.  I work as a manager in a large business in the services industry.  My wife, Maria is 40 years old and works in my father’s family business.  We have two kids:  Matthias, our son who is 11 years old, and is now in secondary school, and Angele, our daughter who is 17 and is finishing upper secondary school this scholastic year.

The electricity and water bill came in with the post this morning.  And I lost it.  Big time! How many times I told Matthias just this week to put off that air conditioning unit in his room when he is on his way out?  And must Angele, my daughter, have those 15-minute showers three times daily to feel good in her skin? And those lights being left on!

View this ĠEMMA video by clinking on this link – and learn about how practical measures that you can easily implement that will guarantee you savings in you water and electricity bills.

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