Spring is at its element but this time of year is being impacted by a serious reality. No one knows for sure when life will go back to quasi normal and when we can go out safely with our minds at rest.  

The restrictions are being lifted one by one, with the Health authorities monitoring the situation with each step. 

As long as the numbers remain low, the Government can ease more restrictions. However, if as soon as a restriction is lifted, the Health authorities note that the number of cases has increased dramatically, there will be no option but to put the restriction back in place.  

The ball is in our court. It is up to us to decide how disciplined we are going to be and how well we are going to obey the health authorities. It is also up to the authorities to make decisions wisely. 

The Health officials are envisaging how life will be once we are free of this disease. However, they are still taking care to stop this dangerous virus from recurring, as the consequences will be extremely serious.  

The Health authorities are asking the public to continue to practise social distancing. This is because they do not know when this crisis will come to an end and we do not know how life will be once this saga is over. Some residents are losing patience. On the other hand, the economy needs to get back on its feet. But we cannot be hasty. 

Until a vaccine is created, tests will continue to be done and those who show symptoms of having the virus will continue to be isolated.  There will continue to be vigilance to prevent a new spread of the virus that could be catastrophic. That is why mass events are still on hold. 

If the restrictions were to be removed too quickly we will be opening the doors for the virus to reappear. Politicians must take care not to wreck all that has been achieved so far. It is better to be safe than sorry. What do you think?