In 2020 MEUSAC was committed to keep helping citizens and organizations in Malta and Gozo to get the most out of membership in the European Union.

Although it was not an easy year, we felt the need to communicate how the European Union was responding to the great challenges of the pandemic. Through online and social media activities we continued to convey to the people how the European Union is looking forward in its plans on important topics such as climate, health, the digital world, the environment, employment and immigration.

The highlight of the year was reached during a week of activities in November, through which we brought different aspects of the European Union to various categories of the population with different interests. This year we also launched a publication for 11 and 12-year-olds about the European Union with a story by Trevor Zahra.

Throughout the year we also continued our work on European funds by assisting various entities, including voluntary organizations, government bodies and local councils to help them develop innovative project ideas and submit the necessary application.

To our satisfaction and to all those who use our services, in September MEUSAC was honoured with the Quality Award for Public Service.

Anyone interested in following MEUSAC and the latest news from the European Union can do so through the website ( as well as the Facebook page of agency. You can contact us by calling 2200 3300 or by email on