The Transport and Tourism Committee discussed, few days ago, the European Commission’s guidance on how to safely resume travel and allow tourism businesses to reopen: 


Rebooting tourism: MEPs underlined the need to restore trust in safe travelling through additional concrete measures, as the current situation remains uncertain despite the proposed package. The Commission announced that a website on safe holiday options will be available in a few weeks’ time. 


Financial difficulties: Many MEPs raised the issue of massive job losses, risk of bankruptcies in the sector, and commented on the lack of concrete help and specific short-term financial support as well as the need for a dedicated long-term budget line. 


Safety concerns: With many questions on safely restarting tourism in the EU up in the air, the Commission pointed out that cooperation between the member states has improved and lifting travel restrictions, including opening borders, should be based on set criteria and strong health protocols. The Commission is encouraging member states to introduce certification schemes for safe travelling. A similar EU-level action, however, will not be feasible ahead of this summer. 


Passenger rights: MEPs highlighted that the rules for reimbursements are being flouted too often in different member states. The Commission assured MEPs that they are following the issue closely and passengers retain the right to cash reimbursements.