In democratic countries there exists the process of social dialogue among the Government, employers and workers. Many are under the impression that unions are only for workers but employers also have unions that represent them. The relevance of unions is highlighted by the fat that, since even employers feel the need to be members in a union, imagine how much more necessary it is for a worker to be associated with a workers’ union. All this emphasises the need for a worker to be a member of a union. In this way the scales maintain a balance between the worker and the employer. 

Unions today are basing their work on services – collective and sectoral.  Unions do not consider solely workers’ wages but also look place emphasis on the work / family balance. The unions remain relevant and necessary and they seek to maintain their role as the voice of the workers. 

Many workers speak about what is theirs by right and resort to unions to obtain what is owing to them according to the collective agreement. The unions’ job is to defend their members and seek remedies if it is found that something is not in accordance with the collective agreement.  

As soon as a collective agreement is signed, management needs to enforce it and ensure that it is not undermined in any way. The running of the workplace is in the hands of the management. One needs to see what kind of atmosphere is being created at the workplace and this needs to be done by the management not the union. Not everyone who has the title of manager knows how to manage. There are people who are managers and have absolutely no idea how to manage an organisation. When a manager does not enforce the rules of the workplace, workers’ motivation decreases. When the management of a workplace is not weak, problems arise. 

There needs to be a balance between employers and workers so that a pleasant environment is created.  Management needs to be positive with the workers and give them direction. When workers are guided from afar, the management become detached from the workplace and the workers do not feel allied with the management. When the management is in touch with the workers, production is increased. 

Good leadership and teamwork are two crucial factors that lead to success at the workplace.  The unions come in when individual issues arise that are then discussed in as reasonable way as possible around the table.