2021 will bring about new EU funding opportunities for Maltese entities.  A widely held perception is that the process of applying for funds is difficult to navigate, particularly for those with no experience in the field.  

MEUSAC, a government agency, was set up precisely to provide information on EU funding to individuals and local organisations/entities and to assist public and private non-profit organisations in the process of applying for EU funds.  

Our assistance starts by providing information on anything related to EU funds – in 2020 alone, we have answered over 300 EU funding queries. When providing more in-depth information, we meet with organisations one-on-one. During these meetings, based on an organisation’s individual context, we provide comprehensive information on eligible opportunities, and help organisations develop their project idea so that it is eligible for funding. In 2020, over 260 such meetings were held. Ultimately, we also assist in the filling in of the application form, helping organisations submit over 90 project proposals in 2020. 

Moreover, in 2020 MEUSAC also held three Information Sessions on EU funds, as well as seven capacity building sessions to help improve organisations’ ability to apply for EU funds.  

For information on EU funds, MEUSAC can be contacted on 2200 3300 or info.meusac@gov.mt.